All new students (including kindergartners) will need the following:

Please note that some situations require additional forms/documentation prior to enrollment.

Required Documentation:

  • Birth Certificate – Original certified birth certificate.
  • Immunization Record – Record must be provided along with Utah Health Dept. Immunization Card filled out.
  • Proof of Residency – Two forms of residency dated within 60 days showing the guardian’s name are required.
    1. Existing Home – Acceptable proof includes: utility bills, pay stubs, bank statements, major credit card statements, rental agreement, and a closing statement.
    2. Homes Under Construction – The must currently be under construction and provide the building permit and builder contract.
    3. Living with Friends and Relatives – If living with a friend or relative, a Living with Another Family Form must be completed and notarized by both parties. Please contact the school office for more information.
  • Custodial Documentation – If biological/adoptive parents are no longer married or there are any issues of guardianship, a copy of the custodial rights signed by a judge must be provided at the time of enrollment.

Once you have gathered your documentation, please complete the registration packet or complete the online registration (to the right).

Registration Forms

We are excited to have you join the Springside family! Please visit us as soon as possible to enroll. The packet link is listed below.


ORONLINE REGISTRATION Docu-Sign - CLICK HEREQuestions? Contact Jennifer McKenna [email protected]