Hope of America

Our fifth grade will be participating in Hope of America Thursdsay, May 7, 2020.

“Hope of America” is a highly effective musical program designed for school performances and/or classroom singing. Fourteen songs teach students about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, how the government works, an appreciation for the military and other American heroes as well as promotes a greater love of country. These songs have been produced by national award-winning musicians and composers and come with both vocal models for children to learn the lyrics and orchestral accompaniment tracks.

Studies have shown that we retain 10% of what we are told, 40% of what we read, and retention goes beyond 90% when children learn this information in a song. We maximize the memory retention with hand motions taught through a DVD to coincide with each song. We are offering all Utah schools the same music, choreography, and narration that has been performed by a chorus of nearly 8,000 children and broadcast to a worldwide audience.

For the Hope of America website, click here.