(Listed below is the standard and the objectives for Health. The Health standard and objectives have now been incorporated into the P.E. curriculum. They are provided here for your information.)

Healthy Self

Standard 1

The students will learn ways to improve mental health and manage stress.

Objective 1
Summarize how communicating with others can help improve overall health.

  • Compare the benefits of social interaction and time alone.
  • Communicate the need for social interaction and time alone.
  • Adopt behaviors to help maintain mental health; e.g., reading, exercise, lifelong learning, abstaining from substance abuse.

Objective 2
Demonstrate coping behaviors related to grief and loss.

  • Recognize the tasks associated with the grief and loss process; i.e., acknowledge loss or death, feel the feelings, go on living and loving.
  • Recognize emotions associated with grief and loss.
  • Identify common ways individuals may cope with loss.

Objective 3
Predict the influence body image may have on body acceptance.

  • Explain body image and body acceptance.
  • Recognize influences on body shape and size; e.g., diet, disabilities, exercise, heredity.
  • Recognize factors that may affect body image; e.g., media, peers, self-expectations.

Objective 4
Demonstrate constructive ways of managing stress.

  • Explain how both positive and negative events can cause stress.
  • Identify physiological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses to stress.
  • Predict how neglecting personal responsibilities may increase stress.
  • Develop and apply a personal stress management plan.